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When Sigmar created his Stormhosts, he went to great lengths to create weapons and armour that would be worthy of them.


The hammers and blades of the Stormcast Eternals are crafted in the living tempests of the Celestial Realm. By the Scions of the god Grungni , the duardin demigods known as the Six Smiths oversee the great storm-factories and temple-smiths of the Sigmarabulum. Scorch-skinned artisans craft the weapons of thunder and lightning that the Stormcasts use to bring summary justice to the God-King’s enemies.

Each of the Stormcast Eternals’ weapons is forged from the magical metal sigmarite. It is then infused with the energies of one of the sentient storms of Azyr. The weapons retain the aspect of the specific tempest bound to them, even when hammered into their final shape. The Azheden Thunderhead is blunt and pitiless and hence makes good warhammers, while the Ayorrian Maelstrom is quick and restless and so makes excellent skybolts. Every weapon created for Sigmar’s warriors is a potent thing of light and lightning. Transformed from the very stuff of Azyr into hard metallic form, they are forged not unlike the Stormcast Eternals themselves, with all weakness purged from their construction. Therein is founded a kinship between warrior and weapon. These blades, axes and hammers resonate with the power of Sigmar, becoming far more deadly than they ever could in the hands of a mortal soldier.

The gilded halls of Sigmar’s realm constantly echo to the ring of hammers and the hiss of hot metal quenched in pools of quicksilver. The greatest of these weapons are further enchanted by the blessings of the God-King’s mystical artisans, imbued with celestial energy over the course of sacred cycles. These lightning-blessed relics are often given to the greatest heroes of the Stormhosts, such as the Lord-Celestants , Lord-Relictors and primes. Forever alive with crackling cords of energy, a blow from such a weapon can devastate even a fully armoured Chaos warrior, smashing him into a ruined heap of smoking flesh and blackened steel.

Hammers of prodigious size, blades so keen they can carve apart stone-skinned beasts, and arrows so charged with celestial power they can incinerate those they strike true–such are the weapons of the Stormhosts’ champions, as vital to their missions of conquest as the strength Sigmar forged into their immortal forms.


Every Stormcast Eternal is clad in heavy plates of sigmarite. Gleaming star-metal mined from Mallus, the Broken World, there are few elements in the Mortal Realms as hard or unyielding. When shaped into armour, this substance provides matchless protection.

The armour of the Stormcast Eternals is thrice blessed during its forging. The first blessing involves carving the twelve names of Sigmar into the plate before hammering them smooth. The second is that of Grungni, where runes of protection are inscribed on its surface in sacred oil before being burnt away at the forge. Lastly, one of the Six Smiths will bless the armour with the sweat of his brow, leaning over the anvil as he hammers the sigmarite’s final shape.

Sigmarite armour has an enduring link to Mallus. When a Stormcast is slain, their armour will return to the Heavens with them. Returned to the forges of the Six Smiths, it can then be reforged like the Stormcast themselves, either restored as it was or shaped to fit whatever new role Sigmar might have chosen for the immortal warrior. Rarely, pieces of armour remain in the Mortal Realms, caged by magic or the strength of a potent foe.