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Weirdnob Shaman.

The power of the Waaagh! can take many forms, most of them violent, dangerous and unpredictable. In the Ironjawz warclans, it is the Weirdnob Shamans who unleash this wildgreen energy in some of its most spectacular effects. While a Megaboss is a focus for the power of the Waaagh!, amplifying it and drawing it toward themselves, Weirdnobs can releaseit with devastating, if erratic, results. Enemy wizards do wellnot to dismiss the cunning power of a Weirdnob Shaman asthey stagger forward, eyes wide with mad intent. More than one sneering Tzeentchian Arcanite or sylvaneth Branchwraith has learned to their detriment that to enter into a magical duel with a Weirdnob is akin to sticking your face into a fire and hoping for the best.[1a]


Weirdnob Shamans are living conduitsfor the Waaagh!, gifted by Gorkamorka with the power to shape this roiling green energy into calamitous magical effects. Not even the Ironjawz know why some orruks become shamans, though it might have something to do with getting hit really hard on the head – this being the tried and true method of changing an orruk’s mind or giving them a really good idea. Lending weight to this theory, Weirdnobs never seem to be completely in control of their bodies, and they twist and twitch as they gibber and stare about with wild eyes or talk tothe air.[1d]

Other Ironjawz don’t normally mess with Weirdnobs. Many are the accounts of bored Brutes poking the brawl shaman with a stick just to see what would happen, only to have their heads violently turned inside out. All orruks know Weirdnobs are crazy, but they are also devastating in a fight, and the bigger the scrap, the more impressive the results of dragging along a Weirdnob. Being too close to one in battle can be dangerous, as orruk heads have a tendency to explode when a Weirdnob unleashes his power. However, Ironjawz consider it worth the risk to see a Weirdnob ‘go off’.[1d]

Much like the smell of a Weirdnob, Waaagh! spells are almost always offensive in nature. At their most limited, this can be a shower of green fists that pummels enemies into the ground or a wave of crushing force that flattens part of the battlefield likea giant world-grunta has rolled over inits sty. Should enough orruks gather together, a Weirdnob can become so filled with energy they might vomit forth a green river of searing ectoplasmic energy that brings down fortress walls and sweeps away towns, or conjure a foot the size of a mountain to kick an entire army in the face.[1d]

Known Weirdnob Shamans

  • Ka-rokk: Leader of the Doggrok’s Choppas warclan.[1b]
  • Zedek: Leader of the Zedek’s Weirdladz warclan.[1c]
  • Zzapdak: Weirdnob Shaman of the Bloodtoofs warclan.[1e]


Weirdnob Shamans wield Waaagh! Staves, and can attempt to cast spells, such as Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield, Green Puke and Foot of Gork.[1f]