Mounted Wight King

In ancient times, mighty warlords fought across the lands. Upon their death, these brutal warriors were buried deep beneath the ground, their tombs protected from thieves and looters by shamanistic spells. Many of these tombs are now long gone; but many others still remain. Some were built in areas where Dark Magicflows and pools. In these accursed places, the incumbents rest uneasily. When the Dark Magic grows strong, the ancient warlords rise from their crypts as Wight Kings, eyes glowing with unnatural life. The merest touch of their blade can drain the life from their foes, or slice through flesh and bone with effortless ease. With such power at their fingertips, these Undead warriors will often ride to war on long-dead skeletal steeds, whose incorporeal bodies will carry them through walls and across fens without the slightest hindrance - all the better for getting them into the thick of the fighting.[1]



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