Harsh and cold as a leafless bough, their heartwood is naught but ashes and sorrow. The spirits of Winterleaf Glade are fey and melancholy, given to fatalism and introspection. Once, they lived in the most beautiful sylvaneth enclaves among light and wonder. The destruction of those enclaves hit these clans hard; no matter how the War of Life went, to them, it was already lost. Now, the Winterleaf clans surround themselves with desolation, inhabiting blasted heaths, glacial ice-fields and empty ruins. They fight not for victory, but for revenge against Chaos, and will battle alongside any who help them in this.

Clans of Winterleaf Glade

  • Clan Torluthien (Paint 20-21),

Known members of Winterleaf Glade

Famous Battles

  • Ambush at Widowbite - Atop Widowbite Crag, the root clans of Winterleaf Glade faced their doom. With fatalistic determination, the sylvaneth hurled back waves of frenzied skaven, but with each assault more Tree-Spirits fell. Just as all seemed lost, drycha Hamadreth burst from the caves at the mountain's feet leading a horde of Outcast, and fell upon the ratmen. Few skaven lived to tell of the horrific massacre that followed. (Order 19)


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