The slann know it is the endless dance of the stars that binds the Mortal Realms together, and it is the passage of these heavenly bodies that determines the destiny of all who live beneath their skies. Lord Xen’phantica is a master of setting these celestial spheres in motion. The war for Orb Infernia was a weapon in the great game, and even then it was but one of the many pieces the slann had in play. Like a warmaster born, Lord Xen’phantica moved his armies across the realms, sensing when and where they could do the most damage to his foes. Not long after the fourprinces claimed the sub-realm for the Dark Gods, Xen’phantica foresaw the role their armies might play in future wars, and set about a plan to turn their prize into a prison. By causing the God’s Eye to close and disrupting the daemons’ palaces with constant assaults, the slann kept Orb Infernia cut off from the rest of Aqshy, its daemon legions unaware of the centuries passing beyond their own petty conflicts.[1a]


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