The eldest warrior of the clan once called the Blazemen has proven the one soul brave enough to keep a spark of defiance alive. When all around were losing hope, Yackob Veltahren’s ironclad surety that the ancient god Sigmar had not abandoned themaltogether was a constant solace. Though the Blazemen were forced to exchange their proud bonfires for timid candle light, they clung to Yackob’s claims like shipwrecked survivors to spars of driftwood. Many blamed themselves for their predicament, whipping and flagellating themselves in the hope that Sigmar would forgive them and return to drive the Bloodscorch bullgors from their lands. Others slowly lost faith, abandoning the Lector’s teachings as the worst kind of folly. And yet, on the day the Tempest Lords arrived to aid them, Veltahren’s patience was rewarded. The scions of Sigmar would burn so brightly that the darkness was banished forever –and the Candlemen would blaze alongside them.


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