Zephacleas Stormcast Eternals Illustration.jpg

To lead one of the Warrior Chambers of the Astral Templars Sigmar chose Zephacleas, and anointed him Lord-Celestant. Fearless and bold, the Astral Templars were chosen from amongst the greatest of barbaric tribal champions. In mortal life, the Stormcast Eternal who would become Zephacleas was been a giant of a man, a brawling war-chieftain of his Ghurlands tribe. They led a primitive existence, fighting off orruks and Chaos traitors alike as they travelled a nomadic path through the dense forests of those savage kingdoms. Now reforged and renamed Zephacleas, the former barbarian dwells in Sigmaron, whose shining brilliance he had once worshipped from afar as the home of the gods. The Lord-Celestant continues to lead warriors to battle, as he once did. However, his fights are no longer merely for food or tribal survival, or to clear the woods of monsters, rather Zephacleas now fights for loftier goals: the Stormcast Eternals seek nothing less than to sweep clean the Mortal Realms of the taint of Chaos.


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