Incongruously regal bundles of ancient bone and flapping flesh, Zombie Dragons soar above the Abhorrant Ghoul Kings’ armies. Bound by dark magic, they are horrors of the battlefield, with claws the size of blades, fangs fit to punch through the thickest armour, and breath that is death itself.[1]


The air roars to the beat of leathery wings as a Zombie Dragon descends. As the stench of the beast washes over its prey, the air becomes chill, for the aura of death around the undead dragon is strong. Deep inside the eye sockets of its huge skull glimmers a ghostly intelligence, awakened by an abhorrant. Yet this is but an illusion created by the vast quantities of dark magic used to animate such a creature, and it is the very stuff of death that emanates from the monster’s skull. Only the strongest wielders of this power can command these creatures, and without their will the beasts are swiftly rendered inert once more.[1a]

An Abhorrant Ghoul King may ride into battle from the back of one of these beasts, his own devastating combat prowess augmented many times over by the might of the Zombie Dragon. Blades spark from the creature’s iron-hard bones, while arrows bury themselves harmlessly between gaping ribs. The dragon rampages through the enemy, killing with massive snaps of its jaws. Even as chunks of meat fall from its fleshless throat, it continues to attack until commanded otherwise. Around the monster’s clawed feet throng mordants, snatching up this discarded bounty as they follow the king and his proud mount into battle.[1a]

The darkness that animates a Zombie Dragon is never more evident than when it looses its breath, expelling it as a coiling cloud of pestilential death magic. This killing miasma withers flesh, sapping life from the living. In its wake are left husks where once were soldiers.[1a]

Zombie Dragons are rare and powerful creations, and an abhorrant might spend centuries seeking out a dragon graveyard. To a Flesh-eater Court, the discovery of such a location is a prize indeed. Many have been the lands reduced to ruin in the wake of such a darkly fortuitous find.[1a]


A Zombie Dragon rips apart its foes with its Sword-like Claws and Snapping Maw, and its Pestilential Breath can strip flesh from bone.[1b]


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